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From Monday to Friday the very best products are picked every morning from the huge range available at Valencia’s Central Market.

por la mañana


Daniel has always made every effort to respect tradition in cooking meat in the "urban" style. His cooking technique of using Argentinean charcoal embers on his grill, subdivided into individual areas, has not changed the tiniest bit. Not one drop of fat must fall onto the embers!
His way of salting the meat at the end of the cooking process has never varied either. This must never be done before, since he considers that the salt mobilises the liquids and makes the juice come out, drying out the meat. Neither does he consider that the essence of cooking means smoking the product. Smoking meat is not his style, nor will it ever be.

durante el servicio

Two quail, a 16 kg lamb, a 3.5 kg piece of T-bone steak with four different degrees of cooking … a magret, two dozen oysters, eight scallops, four cod, two babybeef with three different cooking processes, three portions of sweetbread, half a rabbit, eight bifes of chorizo … all at the same time and done to suit each of the customers one each table.
The man who has been able to do this for over forty years, since the days of his first grill in Argentina, is Daniel Martín.


Updating the starters and desserts from the standpoint of a healthier lifestyle has been Pilar’s great endeavour, through having had the chance to learn at the many courses given over the last ten years at Valencia’s Tourist Development Centre CdT and at the Hofmann School in Barcelona. This has meant lightening pastry mixes, making salads even fresher and modernising desserts. A list of twenty desserts: desserts for two, desserts for four… because you don’t enjoy an individual portion in the same way as a shared dessert. That was Pilar’s intention when she designed and made these.